Michaela Stará is a dancer and performer.

From sports aerobics and modern gymnastics, she got into dance scene. At the Fantasy Dance Studio she focused on hip hop and popping dance. Later on Vogue and other styles of urban dance came in. She spent seven years at FDS, where she later became a lecturer. She participated in several national competitions and battles with her team. They won the title of national champions in 2014.

The same year she was accepted to the Department of Nonverbal Theater at the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague. She studied pantomime, acting, clownery and acrobatics. In 2020, she successfully graduated and got her master's degree. During the studies she also completed a one-month internship at the Die Etage school in Berlin and a six-month internship at DOCH University in Stockholm.

Urban dance styles are still an inspiration and movement vocabulary in her original theatrical work. She likes to combine theatre genres and techniques. One of the examples is short act "Ping Pongue" which is a unique combination of Vogue dance styles with elements of the circus discipline - pingpong juggling.

She created two successful solo theater projects Imelda (2017) and Parasite (2019) and two open air family shows Johnny&Jenny and J.O.E. which she perform it regularly at the summer street show theatre festivals as a duo Johnny&Jenny.  She cooperated with other circus and physical theatre companies in Czech such as Tantehorse, Cirk La Putyka, Spitfire Company, Cirkus Tety and drama performance Blue Bird at the Estates Theater and more. One of significant experiences was a three-month contract in the Krystalpallast Varieté in Leipzig, as Michaela was part of the cast of a dance circus show GIRLPOWER in 2020.

She also teach as lector at Cirqueon - contemporary circus center.