What is that women talk about, when they speak with their legs? Everyone looks for the proper size, height, color, shape, but something is still not right. We all wish more friends, likes, t-shirts, hoodies, bags, shoes, because in everyone of u sis one little Imelda.

trailer: Nina Ščambarová

Imelda is a real person, a first lady of Philippines, whose shoe colletction reached three thousand pairs! Dance and Mime Michaela Stará now took this topic and created the performance using street dance, mime and live music, resulting in a great visual show.

Concept and performing: Michaela Stará

Director: Radim Vizváry

Music: Petr Kolman, Vojtěch Bor

Light design: Karel Šimek

Costumes: Simona Drábová

Scene and props: Jakub Fistung

Premiere: 3.4.2017 - Divadlo DISK

foto: Vojtěch Brtnický